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The saying 'if you are healthy but’ is often used.

But what is health nowadays?
There are more people sick. And not only that, disease occurs at an increasingly younger age.

It is not good to our health !
We are becoming increasingly polluted our environment, stress and poor nutrition.
We “verzuren '. Misschien voel je je nog best redelijk. Verzuring ‘sluipt erin’ en leidt onherroepelijk tot gebreken, disease, and eventually even to very serious diseases.
The good news is you do not need to resign here. You can even reverse the process.

Wist je dat je je lichaam kunt zuiveren en ontzuren door het drinken van water?

Water is a science.
Read more on this site …. you will discover that you have much more with you than drinking alone.


We are official distributor of the approved Kang Device and inform you about all the uses.

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Yvonne en Gerard Hoek
Reiki master