Water Geef Je Door

Beauty water

The applications of water are endless beauty.

For your skin
Het adstringerende (smooth drawing) effect and the hydration (moisturise) Beauty of the water makes it very healthy for your skin.

You can cleanse your face and firming your skin.
Also perfect for men's skin after shaving.

by Marieke-2

Hair Care

Instead of using a conditioner you treat your hair with Beauty Water.
It reduces tangles and gives a radiant shine.
With a spray in your purse, you can moisturize your skin all day delicious.

by Marieke

Animal Care
Your pet deserves Beauty water well.
It makes the hair soft and shiny.


Clean Up
Remove dirt from hardwood floors and ceramic tiles without leaving any sticky residue behind.

Preserving the taste of the food during freezing.
Spray the product (also fish and shrimp) in advance with Ph 5.5


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