Water Geef Je Door

How it works

With Kang Water turn the tide

With a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet combined with drinking the right water can turn the tide and detoxify your body, to be purified and de-acidified.


Kangen in Japanese means' back to the source’ as nature intended. Water in its purest and most beneficial form.

The special effect of Kangen Water is due to be 3 unique properties. Kangenwater is antioxiderend, microgeclusterd (hexagonaal) en alkaline.



A water molecule (H2O) is a chemical compound of 2 hydrogen atoms (H) and 1 oxygen atom (The). All acids are H ions into the fluids of the body.
The higher the number of H ions in a liquid, the lower the acidity (PH value).

Kang Water supplies our body by ionization OH-ions that act as a powerful antioxidant and electron donor to free radicals neutralize.

Antioxidants are found in fruits and vegetables and beverages like green tea and alkaline ionized water.

The strength of an antioxidant is expressed in the ORP value.
The difference between Kang Water and other types of water can be measured,.
Kang Water is one of the most powerful liquid antioxidants which are.
Kang Water is 2 up to 3 x stronger antioxidant than green tea and vitamin C.

It is almost impossible to get the daily amount of antioxidants by eating fruits and vegetables and by drinking water Kang.


Micro clustered

Water lives in different clusters and strucuren (of food). Plain water is composed of 15 up to 20 molecules per cluster. Kang Water has after the ionization process usually 6 molecules per cluster (hexagonal vorm). This allows the ionized water can be better absorbed by the aquaporien in the cell (openings in the cell membrane) and there is an optimal supply of nutrients and removal of waste).



The acidity is expressed in pH (scale of 1 t/m 14, whereby 7 is neutral).
Above the pH7 is an alkaline substance. A lower value is acidic.

pH 7,365 is ideal for a man. Changes in the pH values ​​result in damage to cells. Chronic acidification leads to serious health problems.

Acidification is caused by what we eat, to drink, by stress, smoking, environmental factors, but also by excessive exercising.

Kang Water with a pH-value of 8,5 up to 9,5 neutralizes the acid waste in the body. As a result, the pH value of the blood is brought into balance.


Kang Water provides vital healthy cells !

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