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Enagic® introduction décode un complément alimentaire unique qui n'a pas d'égal sous le nom Kangen Ukon ™
Het is verrijkt met hoge kwaliteit essentiële olieën afgeleid van de organische lente Ukon (bekend als wilde Kurkuma) et soigneusement distillée dans la plante Enagic® Ukon au Japon.
Notre spécialement préservé Kangen Ukon ™ est votre clé pour la santé proactive.

ukon-boxLes comprimés revêtus ukon

The turmeric factory has been registered as a food facility by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Le factury assure la sécurité globale, approval of quality products, and surveillance of the circulation of food and supplies.


What makes Kangen Ukon™ different?

Enagic® has obtained a patent for the innovative process behind the creation of each capsule. Normal turmeric supplements oxidize quickly upon opening the bottle containing them. No such thing with Kangen Ukon™; each individually-enclosed capsule stays preserved until YOU decide to enjoy it. In so doing, the essential oils from the Spring Ukon are refined and concentrated.


What’s so special about Ukon grown in Okinawa?

Only Enagic®’s Kangen Ukon™ contains the essential oils of Okinawan Ukon.

The area where Enagic®’s Kangen Ukon™ is grown is known as Yanbaru (the northern tip of the island of Okinawa). Yanbaru is often referred to as “nature’s treasure” (shizen no takara) in Japanese. The Spring Ukon (harvested exclusively for Enagic®) is organically grown on dedicated farms in Yanbaru and is 100% free of harmful chemicals used in lower-quality, conventional turmeric farming.

The soil inherent to Okinawa is perfectly-suited to the cultivation of Kangen Ukon™, providing a rich, densely-nutritious bed layer for the ukon to grow within. It is also said that the angle and length of sunshine during a warm Okinawan day is perfectly attuned to growing ukon.


So only Kangen Ukon™ implements the addition of Kangen Water®?

Spring Ukon and Autumn Ukon are cleansed and sanitized by Strong Kangen Water® and Strong Acidic Water at our Enagic Ukon Factory. This is the first supplement ever produced by combining curcumin, Kangen Water® and 100% additive-free Spring Ukon essential oils.

Kangen Ukon™ is made with precise attention to every details involved in the cultivation process to deliver the healthiest ingredients to you in a natural manner. Kangen Ukon™ is also a unique product developed as a result of continuous research on the body, santé, water and antioxidant’s benefits.