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Zij erkennen de waardevolle werking van Miron violet glas:

David Whipple – noemt zichzelf een ‘artist of life’ schrijft over Miron glass

favorite glass ever and the best in the world: Miron. I simply wanted to share my experience and research about this protective and highly functional product with as many people as possible. It works wonderfully well at preserving and enhancing the quality of foods, liquids, herbs and cosmetics. I thought more people could benefit from the knowledge and application of it, so I wrote this informative article about it. Then I followed that up with another one on February 5th that’s similarly related to it about water and you can read that here.



David Wolfe De autoriteit op het gebied van voeding, auteur van Superfoods en Eating for Beauty)


David Wolfe plaatste op zijn Facebookpagina

This honey is so off the charts, I just had to let you know. This is our best batch of honey EVER. NoniLand Black Gold. Now available in Miron glass from www.longevitywarehouse.com
This black honey is produced by rescued bees given a beautiful home in a pristine organic permaculture environment in Hawaii. Like all black-colored foods, NoniLand honey increases jing and supports the kidneys, adrenals, and all systems associated with longevity. The honey contains pollen from the following flowers: noni, mango, avocado, passionflower, eggfruit (lucuma), coconut, starfruit, jackfruit, soursop, tulsi, lychee, longan, ylang ylang, various palms, java plum, panama cherry, suriname cherry, java plum, and many wild flowers.
(the image is being updated to reflect Miron container)


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