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How it works

Special operation of Miron Violet Glass

The sun radiates visible and invisible rays. the visible spectrum you see in a glass prism disintegration in the colors of the rainbow.
Also light also contains invisible rays, the electromagnetic wavelength of infrared and UV-A.

Sunlight makes plants grow.
If they continue to be exposed after reaching maturity to sunlight, than the effect of the light changes at the plant. It accelerates the molecular degradation process.
Miron violet glass acts as a natural filter that only lets the sunlight that protects and enhances the quality of high quality and sensitive substances.

Miron Violet Glass blocked the entire spectrum of visible light with the exception of violet. At the same time it allows a UV-A light and infrared.
This unique combination offers optimal protection against the aging process by visible light and thus prolongs the durability and potential of the product.



Miron Violet Glass AG has conducted a number of tests in collaboration with scientific institutes.
Further confirmation of the effect comes from the science of Biophotonics


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